Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Director Yance Ford's documentary examines the history and historical impact the rise of police power has had in the United States. While not all of the various threads work equally well, the film does a solid job in explaining the genesis of police in terms of methods of stability and control of the status quo which have almost always been at odds with the needs of the disenfranchised. The film pulls in interviews from several authors and experts on the subject, including spending time on the job with an African-American police officer, as well as making us of various archival footage.

The film also takes a look at the symbiotic relationship between the military (who have become more police like since WWII) and the police (who have become more militarized in recent decades). While the experts assembled all seem to agree that the current methods leave something to be desired, where Power comes up short is failing to present legitimate alternatives. That said, what the film does cover is certainly worthy of discussion.

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  • Title: Power
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