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Supercop, also known as Police Story 3: Supercop and Jackie Chan's Supercop, is the third film of the Police Story franchise featuring Jackie Chan as "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui who goes undercover alongside Michelle Yeoh to break up a drug smuggling ring. The film is most notable for its martial art fight sequence and some of the most memorable stunts for its time period as Kevin works to befriend one of the gang's henchmen (Wah Yuen). Although things are initially successful, Kevin's girlfriend (Maggie Cheung) accidentally breaks his cover leading to her kidnapping and the film's final action sequence.

The plot is what it is, a mix of action and goofy comedy that makes about as much sense as you would expect from an early 90s entry to the genre, but the addition of Michelle Yeoh to the franchise (she would get her own spin-off) and the crazy stunts certainly sets the film apart. It's dumb, and it stalls a bit at the beginning, but there's certainly fun to be had. The film has been released several times on various formats and is also available for streaming.

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