Monday, May 6, 2024

Fallout - The Past

Life in Vault 33 and vault history are a big part of the aptly titled "The Past." Betty (Leslie Uggams) wins the overseer election leading Norm (Moises Arias) further down a rabbit hole after he discovers every overseer ever elected came from Vault 31 and whatever tragedy happened in Vault 32 seems to point to that direction as well. The division of the Vault 33 inhabitants leads some to relocated to the refurbished 32 (which has been sanitized completely from the shit show that Norm observed). 

Tying into the vault themes of the episode, Lucy (Ella Purnell) discovers the history above ground isn't what she thought it was. The world hasn't been uninhabitable the whole time. History was restarted without her vault leading into another cyclical timeline of civilization being rebuilt and falling again. This creates more than a little uncertainty and confusion (for both Lucy and the audience) on what the actual timeline of the series looks like.

Lucy can be at least a little comforted in her traveling companion. After being betrayed by Thaddeus (Johnny Pemberton), in what was the easiest thing to see coming (seriously, how stupid is this kid?), Maximus (Aaron Moten) is trapped in his armor until he is found by Lucy. The pair agree on a partnership he can't possibly live up to given his actual status and he and Lucy team up to get the head back. A confrontation on the bridge leads into a side quest of sorts for the pair as Maximus will get his first look at life inside a vault.

  • Title: Fallout - The Past
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