Sunday, May 26, 2024

My Adventures with Superman - More Things in Heaven and Earth

The season premiere of My Adventures with Superman foreshadows Jimmy's (Ishmel Sahid) inevitable screw-up of Flamebird and sends our three intrepid reporters north to the crashed ship in the Arctic where Clark (Jack Quaid) will have a talk with his Ghost Dad (Jason Marnocha), Lois (Alice Lee) and Jimmy will run into Amanda Waller (Debra Wilson) and her goons, Lois will learn the fate of her father, and we see the creation of the Fortress of Solitude (well, sort of). When the show sticks with its primary characters and their relationships it continues to entertain, although it also struggles in terms of larger plot, villains, and giving Superman exciting things to do (other than beat up the same generic losers we saw last season).

The episode continues the goofy romantic comedy of the First Season with Clark becoming more and more worried about Valentine's Day thanks to the suggestion of his friends and colleagues (and even Ghost Dad). While the villains of the show continue to be its weakest link, the episode does show Jimmy make a potentially horrific choice in putting Lex Luthor (Max Mittelman) on a new path (seriously, not a great episode for Jimmy's decision-making skills), and the biggest reveal is the tease of another Kryptonian survivor somewhere out there. Looks like this season will give us Kara (albeit one with a rather enormous change to her origin story).

  • Title: My Adventures with Superman - More Things in Heaven and Earth
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