Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Nightwing #114

Kicking off a new five-issue arc, Nightwing #114 catches up with our titular character in the mountains looking to recover something he's lost. Intercut with these sequences are flashbacks to recent events which begin to slowly tease what eventually led Dick Grayson into the wild. The issue does what it sets out to do, both in starting the slow burn of events back home and giving us a current Dick Grayson looking to find himself once more.

The flashbacks are notable for the rise of Heartless to power by basically threatening the lives of the children of other criminals in the city to bend them to his will. We also get Dick and the other main Bat-Family dressed up for a charity banquet. In a classic comic panel we see Damian's reaction to a particularly slimy guest who, of course, is our super-villain. While there's some genuine fun in these Bat-Family scenes, the sense of foreboding is certainly there as well heading into the next issue.

[DC, $4.99]

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