Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Blood Hunt #1

Spinning out of the peripheries of Moon Knight comes The Structure, a vampire cult who have used dark magic to detonate Darkforce wielders all over the globe and use them as portals to pour in darkness from the outer dimension blocking out the sun and allowing vampires to storm the world while their super-powered number known as the Bloodcoven take down the Avengers. The revelation of who is behind the coordinated attacks is held back until the end of the issue as Doctor Strange discovers he, the Avengers, and the world have been betrayed by a former friend.

It's been years since an big comic event has done anything for me. Rather than make me interested in more characters, or other corners of the universe I've been absent from, it usually makes me bored as strong individual titles are forced to abandon their own storytelling to fit into events. Blood Hunt #1 is exactly what you would expect in the first issue with the heroes being knocked back and ending with a big reveal and tease what comes next.

[Marvel, $5.99]

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