Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Alex Rider - The Shot

Picking up immediately from the previous episode's cliffhanger, we learn Alex (Otto Farrant) didn't shoot Mrs. Jones (Vicky McClure). The Department takes him into custody and then returns him home while making it appear that he succeeded but was arrested afterwards. Returning home, Alex gets a reunion with Jack (Ronke Adekoluejo), Kyra (Marli Siu), and Tom (Brenock O’Connor) catching them up on his adventures with SCORPIA, but his role in the affair is fare from over.

Knowing the SCORPIA threat is looming, Blunt (Stephen Dillane) asks for Alex's help and, as both an incentive and an attempt to show some transparency, takes Alex to the bridge where his father died. This section allows for the big reveal that Alex's father was never a criminal, never turned on his country, and was working for the Department the entire time as their inside man with SCORPIA. When Alex's mother became pregnant, the Department staged his capture and the the Department staged his death during the hostage exchange.

In a nice bit of editing, the Widow (Sofia Helin) tells Gregorvich (Thomas Levin)  the same story, but from a slightly different point of view. She also explains how tracked down the "dead" agent" six months later and she bombed the plane that killed both of Alex's parents. Gregorvich is as shocked as Alex to learn the truth, but also disgusted with how far the widow has gone with her revenge scheme. With the secrets revealed, the show show heads into the season finale where Alex Rider, once again, will be asked to save the world.

  • Title: Alex Rider - The Shot
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