Saturday, August 18, 2012

Atomic Robo: The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific #2

That's more like it! Okay, I might be getting a little tired of Atomic Robo Presents Real Science Adventures and its short and mostly unconnected tales, but The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific is exactly the kind of fun, imaginative, crazy, Atomic Robo story that I want to read.

As Robo spends more time with the She-Devils, including a trip to local watering hole full of pirates and thugs, he discovers a secret abandoned Japanese air base on one of the islands. Of course he accidentally blows it up while inside, but we'll still give him credit for finding it.

Robo also has to deal with the news that Lauren, the She-Devil's resident mechanical whiz, has cannibalized the prototype airship Robo was shot down in. Initially furious, Robo comes to find Lauren's inventiveness and outside-the-box thinking infectious and agrees to help her redesign the jet packs using his technology. This brings peace back to the island, or would except for the arrival of the mysterious planes attacking the She-Devils' hidden island. Must-read.

[Red 5, $3.50]

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