Sunday, August 26, 2012

XIII - Undertow

XIII (Stuart Townsend) and Jones (Aisha Tyler) head to Chicago seeking one of the two other surviving soldiers involved in the break-in at Renelco's Costa Verda plant, hoping that the operative is still alive and in possession of his third of the mysterious code of Renelco's secret weapon project. Unwilling to unleash XIII without some oversight into his activities President Carrington (Stephen McHattie) reinstates Agent Jones, gives her the necessary resources and security clearance, and authorizes their continued investigation.

Having lost XIII in Costa Verda, Sheridan (Ted Atherton) and Giordino's (Paulino Nunes) assassin Irina (Virginie Ledoyen) tortures the necessary information out of Father Pretre (Jean-Marc Barr) before hopping on a plane and racing to find Robert Simons in Chicago before XII and Jones can locate him. XIII tries to find answers from the man's stepdaughter (Joanne Boland) but everything he uncovers makes him believe the man is dead, possibly killed by Seamus O'Neill.

The episode ends with a throwdown on the beach between Jones ad Irina and the assassin ending up alive, but on the wrong end of a speargun as XIII is able to find Simons' final resting place and retrieve the second watch. Despite moments of mutual distrust between XIII and Jones the pair come to a mutual understanding as they prepare to move forward by locating the final operative and, they hope, the final piece of the puzzle.

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