Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Covert Affairs - This Is Not America

Given both of their recent failures Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) both find themselves assigned back to the DPD under Joan (Kari Matchett). Arthur (Peter Gallagher) is less than thrilled with Auggie's drunken assault that landed him in jail and Annie is ordered to let go of all the work done for Lena’s (Sarah Clarke) department, including cutting ties to Simon (Richard Coyle).

Neither has much time to catch up as Annie is off to Israel on a new assignment before she even has a chance to sit back down at her old desk. And Auggie is upset to learn given his recent actions he'll be looking forward to mandated therapy sessions with a CIA shrink (Daniella Alonso) for the foreseeable future.

On arriving in Jerusalem Annie is greeted by an old friend, Eyal Lavine (Oded Fehr), who has been assigned by Mossad to help her figure out how American and Israel technology ended up in an Iranian rocket. The pair are tasked with investigating an American scientist (Jonas Chernick) working is Israel who Mossad believes has been passing his rocket technology to his Persian handler. Sadly for Annie Eyal's other assignment is to evaluate her well-being in the field for the CIA.

Eyal and Annie get reacquainted, catch a spy, and share a personal secret or two as Annie leaves Israel feeling better and with new knowledge about Simon, thanks to a little digging from Eyal. After meeting with his ex-wife (Rena Sofer) Arthur learns he's on the short-list for a job he's always coveted - the Ambassador to China. Although she's happy for her husband, Joan is a little suspicious of the timing of the offer as well as expressing her disinterest at being cast into the role of an Ambassador's wife.

The Joan/Arthur story is an interesting angle that will likely play out over several episodes, much like Auggie's psychiatric seasons, but it does feel a little shoehorned in here. I'm always happy to see Fehr return to the show, especially as the trust between the pair grows with each meeting. Hopefully this won't be the last Annie/Eyal team-up of the season.

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