Sunday, August 19, 2012

Burn Notice - Official Business

CIA Agents Bailey (John Ales) and Manaro (Brendan O'Malley) resurface to tap their new CIA asset, Fi (Gabrielle Anwar), to help them with Ukranian aeorspace magnate Vincent Durov (Timothy V. Murphy) vacationing in South Beach who the CIA believes plans to sell classified intel on the black market. Unwilling to let Fi go in alone with the two agents who almost got Sam (Bruce Campbell) killed last year, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) volunteers his services which unfortunately leaves Sam and Jesse (Coby Bell) alone on their search for Nate's (Seth Peterson) killer.

While Fi goes in undercover as a friend of Durov's girlfriend (Angélica Celaya), a civilian and CIA informant, Michael offers what support he can including taking over a nearby garage on a moment's notice to help Fi smuggling in a drill to break into Durov's safe  and being prepared for the unexpected when Fi's help inside the compound proves to be anything but, leaving Fiona tied to the safe with a bomb about to explode.

Jesse and Sam take a trip to one of the private military group's training bases and try to charm to mid-management assistant (Chaz Mena) to search the company's records to find the sniper who shot both Nate and Anson (Jere Burns) leading to a name - Tyler Grey. The show appears ready to go out next week with a bang as Michael will begin his search for the elusive sniper who has left several bodies, including that of the head (Ric Reitz) of the private military group, in his wake.

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