Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fatale #7

Nicolas Lash and his ongoing obsession with Josephine is put on hold as the storyline involving the new characters introduced last month, the a B-movie star named Miles and the girl nearly sacrificed by the Method Church, continues as Josephine and Miles find themselves in a cemetery under a full moon just as everything goes to hell.

We get plenty of Josephine, including her suspicions and horror at learning the creatures she believed were dead are still around, hunting for Suzy and the film, and now that they know Josephine is in Los Angeles - her. However, Miles is the main focus of the issue. We witness his selfishness and greed in his attempt to sell the film to his ex-girlfriend's creepy producer as well as his confusion over his sudden bravery and need to help and protect Josephine.

Although most of this issue is set-up, with the blind Hansel knowing that Josephine is in Los Angeles and Miles now bent to Josephine's will things should get interesting very quickly beginning next month. Worth a look.

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