Saturday, August 18, 2012

Futurama - Near-Death Wish

After being disappointed yet again by Professor Farnsworth (Billy West) when he fails to show up to the Clippie Awards ceremony honoring the best delivery boys of the year, Fry (West) sets off with Lila (Katey Sagal) and Bender (John Di Maggio) to the Near-Death Star in search of other relatives, namely the Professor's parents.

After breaking the pair out of their Matrix-like reality Fry returns them to Earth which forces the Professor's behavior to become even more erratic than usual. Like several of the more recent Futurama episodes of the show "Near-Death Wish" is fun but rather forgettable, and the oddly long-winded (and more than a little mean-spirited) attack on the logic of The Matrix felt much more appropriate for Family Guy than Futurama.

That said, the episode still has some fun moments including the Professor's boyhood pet Squeakers and the Clippie Awards ceremony where Fry wins by default when everyone else in his category turns out to have died horribly while making a delivery.

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