Saturday, August 11, 2012

Futurama - Free Will Hunting

Bender (John Di Maggio) becomes inconsolable when his short stint as part of a robot gang, and even shorter stint in college, leads him to understand that he lacks free will and the ability to determine his own fate. After all, how can he commit cool robberies if it is only a result of his predetermined programming?

After a brief soul searching journey on the robot home world, Bender returns to Earth seeking the help of Leela (Katey Sagal) and Fry (Billy West) when he learns Mom (Tress MacNeille) created all robots with a free-will slot in their brains. However, the person responsible for creating the free will unit was a mad scientist Bender knows far too well.

Although fun, "Free Will Hunting" certainly isn't one of the show's stronger episodes. Most of the episode's best moments occur in the final five-minutes such as the final showdown between Bender and Professor Farnsworth (West), the break-in and Mom's swiveling surprise chair. I also liked that the show came down a little more firmly for the second week in a row stating that Fry and Leela are indeed still a couple.

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