Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rookie Blue - Cold Comforts

With the precinct still reeling from the death of Detective Barber (Noam Jenkins), Nash (Enuka Okuma) feels numb with the loss of her mentor and fiance, Shaw (Matt Gordon) takes a personal day to hang out in their favorite bar, Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) struggles with the effects of her kidnapping, and Sam (Ben Bass) finds it impossible to work with or forgive Andi (Missy Peregrym) who he blames for the death of his best friend.

As Epstein (Gregory Smith) and Diaz (Travis Milne) go through Barber's open cases and clean out his desk they come across thousands in cash. At the same time Andi is approached by one of Jerry's CIs (Sarain Boylan) who was put in danger after Jerry's death and the theft of his computer. The trail leads Andi, Sam, and Collins (Peter Mooney) to another of Jerry's informants (Dan Petronijevic) who was ruffed up when the detective was unable to supply him the $30,000 as part of an ongoing investigation. To make things worse the men who put him in the hospital may have taken his autistic younger brother with them as collateral.

We see each of the characters grieve throughout the episode, including Swarek who honors his fallen friend by closing Jerry's final case and taking $2 million in drugs off the streets. The episode's strongest scenes come in Gail's hospital room between Traci and Gail offering each other support over what both women have lost and in the bar as Noelle (Melanie Nicholls-King), Gail, Traci, and the rest of the cast join Shaw's impromptu second wake for Jerry in the cops' favorite bar which ends in tears with Jerry's final words to his friends and the end of Andi and Sam's relationship.

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