Saturday, August 18, 2012

Franklin and Bash - 6:50 to SLC

The arrival of Jared's father (Beau Bridges) and his firm's interest in buying Infeld Daniels forces Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) to come clean to Jared (Breckin Meyer) and Peter (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) about the real reason he hired the team of Franklin and Bash. Things are even worse for Peter who discovers his license to practice law has been suspended for failure to pay dues.

With Peter unable to practice law it falls on Jared to help out Bash's old high school buddy (Chris Klein) who is trying to find a graceful way to drop out of his run for governor without a sex scandal destroying his family or having his campaign manager (Paul Schulze) suing him for breach of contract. Making things even trickier is the fact the infidelity wasn't his but his wife (Susan Pratt) who had an affair with is the wife (Janice Kent) of his campaign manager.

When their attempt to rally enough of the partners to Infeld's defense fails Franklin and Bash do what they do best, and what they were hired by Infeld Daniels to do, forcing Franklin and Franklin to withdraw their bid to buy Infeld Daniels. However, Emily's (Shiri Appleby) small assistance to Jared doesn't go unnoticed forcing her to look for another job, but not another boyfriend, as the Second Season of the show comes to a close.

By the end of the episode Peter's friend is back where he wants to be, even if means coming clean to the public about his wife's affair, and the law firm of Infeld Daniels is safe from Jared's father, saving the jobs of everyone at the firm - even if it means Jared and Peter find themselves on the No Fly List for a few months. Here's hoping the show returns for another season of wild courtroom antics next summer.

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