Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Captain America #15

Captain America and the Falcon deal with the new threat of the Discordians, the latest weapon pointed at Cap and his friends by the triumverate of Codename: Bravo, Baron Zemo, and Queen Hydra.

Although the Discordians cause quite a bit of damage in a small amount of time they're stopped relatively easily. Sure, the Falcon gets thrown around a little, but then again, he is the Falcon.

The best parts of this issue are the small glances and unsaid words between Captain America and Diamondback and later between Diamondback and Sharon Carter whose "stay the hell away from my man" vibe couldn't be any stronger if she was shouting it at Cap's ex.

Captain America #15 isn't a bad issue, but the Discordians aren't really that impressive and I've already grown tired of Bravo and Queen Hydra's (failed) attempts to fuck with Cap far from the battlefield. It's worth a look but not an issue you'll miss much if you decide not to pick it up.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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