Saturday, August 25, 2012

Futurama - Viva Mars Vegas

While the rest of the Planet Express crew heads to the Wongs' new Native Martian casino Mars Vegas, Zoidberg (Billy West) finds his pathetic dumpster diving interrupted by the Robot Mafia who dump their stolen loot in his lap. Believing the $8 million in cash was a gift from God, Zoidberg joins his friends at the casino only to quickly lose the entire amount at roulette.

Angry at the loss of their ill-gotten gains the Robot Mafia steals the casino out from under the Wongs leading to Amy's (Lauren Tom) complicated plan to use Zoidberg's accidental invisibility (after being exposed to the Professor's latest invention) to plan a robbery of the casino to return the money and control back to its rightful owners.

Although the robbery, which involves Zoidberg eating 300 pounds of currency, doesn't go quite as planned, things work out in the end. I would have liked more of the episode being focused on the heist itself, but "Viva Mars Vegas" does have a couple of fun moments including Bender (John Di Maggio), the Professor, and Hermes' (Phil LaMarr) attempts to distract the guards while their fishy friend makes off with the loot.

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