Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Covert Affairs - Speed of Life

Annie (Piper Perabo) returns home from a weekend with Simon (Richard Coyle) to jump into a robbery of involving Simon and something very hush hush from a high-tech company. Despite Lena's (Sarah Clarke) telling her to steer clear of the investigation Annie hits up an old friend in the FBI, Agent Rossabi (Noam Jenkins), and unknowingly starts down a slippery slope that could compromise her cover with Simon and her future in the CIA.

When Simon appears in Washington without notice Annie tries to keep him busy while a team scrambles to create an D.C. apartment suitable for the Smithsonian worker and protect her cover. Although Annie's cover last through the night she's put in an uncomfortable position of trying to keep Simon away from the FBI who are waiting to grab the cat burglar and the mysterious man who hired him.

In the episode's B-story the investigation into the death of Jai Wilcox continues and Arthur (Peter Gallagher) puts Auggie (Christopher Gorham) immediately back to work which is the final straw for Parker (Devin Kelley) whose uncertainties following his revelation of what he does for a living are finally strong enough to end their engagement.

The episode ends with both Auggie and Annie, whose assignment with Simon has blown up in her face, at personal lows. A drunken Auggie is carted off to jail after picking a fight in a bar and Annie, after seeing her sister (Anne Dudek) off safely to California, wanders the streets of D.C. aimlessly until the unexpected happens. We'll have to wait two weeks to see what lasting ramifications Annie's final decision will mean for her future with Lena or if she's still headed back to work with Joan (Kari Matchett) and what punishment might be in store for a love-sick Auggie given his arrest, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

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