Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rookie Blue - The Rules

As Traci (Enuka Okuma) and Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) return to work the 15th Precinct gets back to basics with all officers hitting the streets. Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick (Peter Mooney) respond to a burning car and find themselves in the middle of a war zone when a local priest (Benz Antoine) becomes the target of a neighborhood drug lord (Shamier Anderson).

Despite being unsure about returning to the detective rotation Traci is forced into accepting her old assignment to try and reach a young girl (Stefani Kimber) working as a drug runner. Meanwhile Andy and Nick loose the priest who is on the edge of falling back into his violent past after learning his son is being held by the drug lord and initiated into his gang.

Other stories include Nick being drafted into being Andy's "break-up buddy," Diaz (Travis Milne) disagrees with Swarek's (Ben Bass) style of police work, and Epstien (Gregory Smith) takes the day off from work to help Crystal Markes (Mouna Traoré) move into a college apartment after her mother learns she's been spending time with the cop who shot Crystal's brother.

The show's ongoing storylines continue moving forward and the crime of the week, although nothing special, works well enough and provides some strong moments particularly from the fallout of last week's episode. The episode ends with the consequences of Epstein's relationship with Crystal becoming public to her family and friends, Diaz and Detective Callahan (Eric Johnson) both warning Swarek to straighten up before he pushes Andy away for good, and Traci and Gail both able to make it through a tumultuous return to work.

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