Saturday, August 4, 2012

Franklin and Bash - Waiting on a Friend

Damien (Reed Diamond) is concerned about the sudden appearance of New York partner Richard Tafflinger (David Costabile) known around the offices as the "hatchet man" whose unexpected arrival causes Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) to cut his vacation short and return home. Tafflinger has shown up to inform Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) that an accusation of misconduct that has been leveled at them by a former client (Carla Gallo) and could lead to their dismissal from the firm.

To help clear their name Peter and Franklin seek out their "tattoo removal guy" (Jake Busey) to back up their story, but although he's willing it turns out he's caught in a case of doctor-patient privilege and can't testify without Tammi's (Gallo) permission. Meanwhile, Tafflinger and his assistant Emily (Shiri Appleby) start to learn more about Peter and Jared's past including how the pair met, their first time being found in contempt, and the circumstances surrounding them meeting both Pindar (Kumail Nanjiani) and Carmen (Dana Davis).

The situation is complicated by several factors including a former client that feels the lawyers abandoned her when they went uptown, the history between Tafflinger and Infeld, the mutual attraction between Jared and Tafflinger's assistant Emily, and the fact that Damien is appointed to represent them in court. The final problem is the first solved as Franklin and Bash fire their lawyer and represent themselves which allows them one more trademark Franklin and Bash courtroom stunt to save their legal careers.

Some of the flashbacks work better than others, and, to be honest, some aren't really all that necessary (including the final clip as the credits roll). However, the episode does introduce not one but two new recurring characters into the show. It's nice to see Jared finally get a love interest, and Meyer and Appleby have good on-screen chemistry, but I'm betting Tafflinger's will play a more important role in the weeks to come.

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