Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Dinosaur #13

Kidnapped and taken into Inner Earth by the Exile, Derek learns the truth about his captor in the latest issue. It turns out the Exile isn't the super-villain Derek believed him to be but a member of the royal family who was banished for his theories of life on the surface of the Earth.

As Derek works on escaping, and even defending the creature that kidnapped him, Super Dinosaur brings his team to the rescue. There's one big continuity error here with the ease SD and the kids make it into Inner Earth (a place that super-villains and scientists alike have been spending decades trying to discover).

You can't really overlook such a big plot issue, but there's enough fun here, including some great action, that you aren't forced to dwell on it. You probably aren't reading a title like Super Dinosaur for its logic or consistency. Still, it's troubling.

The quick shift into the motivations of the Exile and the unexpected complexity of the politics in Inner Earth is a nice touch. I'm hoping the characters get to spend more time exploring the world before reuniting and returning to the surface. For fans.

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