Thursday, August 16, 2012

White Collar - Honor Among Thieves

Now reunited together in the White Collar Division, Neal (Matt Bomer) and Peter's (Tim DeKay) first assignment is a personal shopper turned art thief (Rebecca Mader) with a keen interest in a New York museum, but Neal's focus is off following Ellen's (Judith Ivey) murder and the inability of Peter to get any useful information out of the U.S. Marshals regarding the case.

Neal is tempted by Abigail (Mader) who offers an unusual trading of services. If Neal will agree to steal the piece she wants from the museum she will gladly steal Ellen's file from the Marshals in return. This would givn Neal not only clues to who killed Ellen but, perhaps, clues to his father's past as well. Although Neal initially resists the temptation he soon finds himself with no room to maneuver as Abigail plants evidence when she lifts Ellen's file and blackmails Neal to complete his end of the bargain he never agreed to.

With no other options available, Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) come up with a plan to steal the Pascal exhibit from under Peter's nose. However, Peter quickly suspects Neal's hand in near perfect robbery and only the thief's last second moment of conscience stops Peter from putting Neal right back in prison along with Abigail.

The episode has some very good moments between Neal and Diana (Marsha Thomason), who goes undercover at the museum as plays on Abigail's mutual attraction to her which reveals more than she'd like about the state of her relationship with Christie (Moran Atias). "Honor Among Thieves" also ends strong with Peter wondering aloud to Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) whether or not Neal actually sacrificed anything or simply played both Peter and Abigail to get exactly what he wanted. It's an interesting note to end on as Peter's suspicion certainly isn't without merit and may lead to a little friction down the line.

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