Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Covert Affairs - Loving the Alien

Annie (Piper Perabo) accepts Simon's (Richard Coyle) offer to accompany him on his trip to Cuba. Although she gets Lena's (Sarah Clarke) approval, Annie understands the risk of going in without any CIA back-up and no way home if something goes wrong, which, as you might expect, is exactly what happens. But the manner in which her trip ends no one could have foreseen.

Neither Auggie (Christopher Gorham) nor Joan (Kari Matchett) believe Annie's cover story of taking a week's vacation but both are too busy with their own problems to dig too deeply into Annie's Caribbean adventure. Joan tries to help Arthur (Peter Gallagher) get a job she doesn't want him to have and Auggie, against Arthur's orders, visits Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) in prison in an attempt to learn what he might be refusing to disclose about his son's murder.

A little snooping by Annie discovers not only what Simon is doing in Cuba with a former FSB hitman (Nestor Serrano), but also uncovers his plan to use the stolen microchips to turn the abandoned KGB listening station into a cellular jamming station capable of disrupting cell signals, FAA communication, and even target U.S. military command and control. After gathering the intel Annie's job is done, but getting out of Cuba without blowing her cover to Simon or his new paranoid friend proves to be quite the challenge.

Each story presents its own surprises as Arthur decides he's not willing to desert the CIA, even for his dream job, in his time of need. And when Annie's life is threatened Simon does the only thing he can do, even if it means costing him everything. We'll have to wait a week for the fallout of Simon's actions, and how they will wear on Annie, as well as the truth behind what Auggie has uncovered.

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