Monday, August 6, 2012

Justice League International #12 (New 52)

I gave up on this title a couple of months ago but seeing how this was to be the series' final issue I decided to pick it up. The story Dan Jurgens sets out to tell is a good one, but whether it be his limitations or (more likely) the meddlesome efforts of DC Editorial, the story simply isn't that well told.

In the final issue of the comic the members of the team (except those still hositalized) gather together to pay their respects to their fallen companion Rocket Red only to be attacked by the brother of Lightwave who blames the group for the super-villain's death.

Mostly presented through the eyes of Batman (one of the characters not staying with the team) what we get is awkward and hamfisted storytelling that's rushed and finished in odd fashion as they group make the angered youngster see the error of his ways before coming to the conclusion that they should stick together, regardless of the United Nations dissolving the group.

The JLI will return in next month's Justice League Internation Annual #1 before apparently coming back in some new form whether it be a new JLI series or perhaps as Godiva teases under the name of the Booster Bunch. The team we're left with in the final panel - Booster Gold, Godiva, August General in Iron, Guy Garnder, and OMAC could use a little sprucing up before their relaunched in a new title. And here's hoping the new JLI will have a little more of the fun of the original and less of the dreariness (and awful redesigned cosutmes) of the first attempt at a New 52 version. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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