Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rookie Blue - Out of Time

"Out of Time" picks up moments after the final scene from "The Girlfriend Experience" as Andi (Missy Peregrym) returns home to discover Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) bound and unconscious on her living room floor. Andi wakes up the next morning alone in her apartment, drugged, and with no clue as to who attacked her and made off with her friend.

As the news breaks the entire precinct turns out to find their missing officer and the killer who took her. If, as they believe, Gail was taken by the same killer who murdered the other prostitute then they only have 14 hours left to find her before he kills again. They bring back their leading suspect (Elias Toufexis) from the night before, but it becomes clear fairly quickly that he's not the man who abducted Gail, leaving the investigation back at square-one.

As Detective Barber (Noam Jenkins) organizes a coordinated search, under the direction of Detective Callahan (Eric Johnson) Diaz (Travis Milne) and Collins (Peter Mooney) search through other unsolved mysteries looking for clues that could tie-in with Gail's abduction and the recent murder of a prostitute. Meanwhile Gail awakes blindfolded and tied to a table in her abductor's basement where above her Barber finds himself on the wrong end of the killer's knife. Thankfully, even while bleeding out on the hardwood floor, his quick thinking leads to the killer's capture and the retrieval of his fellow officer.

This week's B-story involves Noelle (Melanie Nicholls-King) going into unexpected early labor with only Nash (Enuka Okuma) by her side. In the final few minutes the episode's two stories converge in both birth and tragedy as one family welcomes a new member and the precinct looses on of their own. The episode keeps the tension high and doesn't lose focus (even if the killer's reasoning is never quite explained). Given the enormity of the situation it makes more sense than usual to have all the characters focused on a single case (as is the show's custom). It will be interesting to see how the fallout from the events in the final few moments and how those events change the lives and relationships of those involved play out throughout the rest of the season.

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