Sunday, August 12, 2012

Daredevil Annual #1

Honestly, I never read much of writer Alan Davis' 1990's series ClanDestine nor am I clear on why Marvel is giving Davis the opportunity to write the characters into a series of annuals including Daredevil Annual #1. All that said, even not really understanding the reasons and motivations for what is going on, Davis delivers an action-packed story.

Daredevil stumbles on some magical goings-on and starts tracking an escaped Plastoid haunted by the spirit of one of the members of ClanDestine. While on the hunt he comes across two other members of the clan (Cuckoo, Hex), each after the android for their own purposes, as well as Dr. Strange who gives the man without fear a helping hand with the level of mysticism Daredevil isn't used to dealing with.

I'm not sure it's worth $5 (in fact I'm pretty sure it's not), but given the struggle of the last couple of issues of Daredevil it's nice to see a different take on the character by a new writer. The highlight of the issue, at least for me, is the art of Mark Farmer who knows exactly how to draw the hero in action. For fans.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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