Monday, August 20, 2012

Supreme #66

The latest issue of Supreme plays on the concept of comic reboots and how that reality changes the worlds of the characters. In an homage to the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths we see characters from a different Earth stranded on a world not their own, fully realizing they may have no place on this one as Ethan Crane and Diane Dane walk the streets of a far grittier version of Omegapolis than they are used to.

The second-half of the issue deals the with brutal Supreme enforcing his idea of justice on the world. Suprema shows up to try and talk some sense into the darker version of her brother. When that fails the two duke it out until Supreme's rage is stopped only by the unexpected appearance of Omni-Man.

The Extreme version of Supreme is certainly back in full-force here, but the amount of rage he takes out on Suprema (nearly beating her to death) feels more than a little unseemly and too brutal even for this character. That said, the story does set up a huge fight next month - Supreme vs. Omni-Man. Worth a look.

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