Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daredevil #16

Rarely have a seen a comic start so well and fall so far so quickly. In the first two-thirds of Daredevil #16 writer Mark Waid delivers a terrific story of Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Henry Pym trying to save a comatose Daredevil the Nanobots implanted in his brain in Latveria.

Pym, shrunk-down, inserted into Murdock's brain, attempts to destroy the Nanobots loose in Daredevil's mind, but what makes the storyline work so well is the odd nature of Matt Murdock's gift that causes both Pym and Murdock's feeling, senses, and memories to start blurring between them. Aside from being a really cool story, it's nice way to save the Latverian arc which was drawn out far too long.

However, the final third of the story (teased on the cover) makes so little sense I don't know where to begin. On arriving back at his office Murdock is confronting by Foggy who dissolves their partnership after finding the bones of Murdock's father in his desk drawer.

Foggy's extreme overreaction to a single event that's so obviously a set-up (especially given his history with Matt) doesn't make any sense, nor does his irrational belief (backed by no observable evidence) that Matt is somehow suffering and hiding it from those who love him. The opening story is certainly worth a look, but the comic ends on such an odd note (which will no doubt have ramifications for months, even years, to come) that I simply can't bring myself to recommend it. Hit-and-Miss.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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