Sunday, August 5, 2012

Burn Notice - Reunion

Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) is free and Anson (Jere Burns) is dead, but there's no celebration for Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) as he gathers the gang together and begins hunting the person responsible for the death of Michael's brother Nate (Seth Peterson). The leading suspect on his list is the missing Rebecca (Kristanna Loken).

While Michael and Fi lay in wait for Rebecca at the print shop she is using for a new fake ID, Sam (Bruce Campbell) agrees to help track down the son (Brando Eaton) of his latest girlfriend (Jennifer Taylor) who is in debt deep to a local loan shark (Richard Burgi). Sam ropes Jesse (Coby Bell) into lending a hand to scare the kid straight but before they know if the two of them find themselves part of a crew hired by the loan shark to steal a semi-trailer which turns out to be a rolling Ecstasy lab. They've had better days.

When Michael looses Rebecca and gets a call from Sam, who's aboard the moving drug lab with a ruptured gas tank and three SUVs worth a baddies on their tail, Weston approaches the club owner (Eric Bivens-Bush) Sam stole the truck from while Sam stalls the loan shark and his goons. After Sam and Jesse are safe Michael catches up with Rebecca but doesn't get the closer he was searching for as he learns she was responsible for the shooting and Nate's killer is still out there somewhere.

There's no quick closer here as Nate's killer isn't brought to justice, or even discovered in the first episode following his death. Michael is also physically hurt by the strain Nate's death has put on his relationship with his mother (Sharon Gless), but despite knowing killing Rebecca might make him feel better he knows she's not responsible and will have to look elsewhere for answers.

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