Saturday, August 4, 2012

Futurama - Fun on a Bun

The Futurama crew takes the day off for Oktoberfest but Fry (Billy West) is saddened to find out the rowdy occassion has become a classy, more civilized, celebration since he last got drunk at one more than 1,000 years before. Despite the uptight surroundings Fry tries to party like it's still 1999 which leads Leela (Katey Sagal) to break-up with him.

With nothing better to do, and still incredibly drunk, Fry goes with Bender to search for some frozen Woolly Mammoth meat the robot plans to use to win the Oktoberfest sausage making contest, but when Fry disappears helping Bender use the Hamilton Beach Mammal Mulcher the crew begins to suspect that the robot's tasty sausage has an unexpected added ingredient.

Feeling guilty about breaking up with her boyfriend and then eating him, Leela pays Annie's Forgettery to remove all her memories of Fry. Meanwhile a groggy Fry, who wasn't ground up in the meat grinder but frozen in the ice, is freed by a group of Neanderthals who take him for one of their own. When the Neanderthals find a hole through the ice leading to the outside world Fry convinces them to rally and take back the world from the stuck up Homo sapiens with their tools and pants.

Fry's army of Neaderthals, Woolly Mammoths, and Saber-tooth Tiger catapults (awesome!) has to deal with Zapp Brannigan's (West) tanks and unmanned drones... with men in them. Not surprisingly, Zapp's forces loose decisively, but in the middle of the battle Fry and Leela find each other and help fill in the gaps in each other's memories before enjoying a good old-fashioned Oktoberfest with the Neanderthals.

Although "Fun on a Bun" won't rank as one of the show's best is has several fun moments including Bender's killing spree in the middle of the battle for the sole purpose of getting himself first place at the sausage contest, the ridiculous chicken hats, the idea that a pre-historic pig butt would remind Fry of Leela, the crew's use of escape pod to get away from Leela, and most important of all - Saber-tooth Cat catapults!

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